In our analyses, we often find a nutrient deficiency, which can promote problems in the keeping of corals and unwanted cyanobacteria or dinoflagellates.

To respond to this situation, we have developed the Oceamo DUO add-ons nitrogen and phosphorus. The add-ons are packed in a practical dosing syringe and are added to the DUO supply solutions according to instructions. This results in many advantages:

  • Since DUO is dosed throughout the day, an even nutrient supply takes place. The nutrient availability is so much more constant than with occasional dosage.

  • The DUO add-ons are very productive. On average, 10 litres of DUO can be supplemented with nutrients with one packaging unit.

  • In the syringe, the nutrient solutions are packaged in a contamination-proof manner, which means that preservatives can be dispensed with.

  • DUO add-ons are easy to use,detailed instructions are included with the product

  • No extra daily care effort, automatic dosing via the basic care.

In addition, a DUO add-on with the element Barium is available.

Barium is already elevated in many reef aquariums, which is why we deliberately did not integrate this element into our basic supply DUO. Nevertheless, there are basins in which barium is below the optimal value, and a regular barium dosage (coupled to calcium) makes sense. With the DUO Add-On Barium, the basic supply DUO can be supplemented by a barium source. This add-on is also very productive (10 liters DUO).
The add-ons make DUO flexible and supplement it with the possibility of nitrogen, phosphorus or barium dosing.
And this is easily by adding it to the respective DUO canisters or bottles. Very effective and easy to use.