Algae: A Problem Solver Guide

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Under specific conditions just about any seaweed, turf alga, phytoplankton or cyanobacteria can bloom and become "problematic." In this book Julian Sprung focuses on the varieties of algae that commonly do so in aquariums. He identifies them with Latin and common names, photographs of their gross morphology and photographs taken under the microscope that depict important identifying features. The author gives an extensive set of recommendations for ways to control the growth of each alga through a combination of aquarium husbandry practices and the use of specific herbivores.

At some point every aquarist encounters a problem with algae. Solving the problems and controlling the algae can be a real test of ones patience and skill. If you are about to give up your hobby because your expensive aquarium has an out-of-control algae bloom that is driving you crazy, don’t give up! Buy this book and follow Julian’s advice.

Identifies algae that become "problematic" in aquariums. • Explains the Physical, Chemical, and Biological requirements of algae.

• Over 180 color photographs, including photographs taken under the microscope to show important identifying features. • Extensive recommendations for ways to control algae growth.•How to eliminate Red Slime Algae once and for all.• How to stop Green Hair Algae from ruining your aquarium.•How to stop a dinoflagellate bloom. • How to control diatoms. • New herbivores for controlling Bryopsis and other hair algae. • New herbivores that eat Valonia.

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