Deltec 1000I

Passer for akvarium mellom 500 til 1000 liter

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Deltec skimmers convince with very good skimmer results.
The Deltec Skimmer 1000i has a newly developed emergency overflow.
This prevents the skimmer from bioling over when the air supply is reduced, for example, by bending the silicone hose or a foreign object in the air intake hose.
When the air supply is reduced, the water level in the skimmer increases.
This can cause the skimmer to overheat in an extreme case and the water rises so high that it is pressed into the connection cup and the dirt is flushed back into the aquarium.
This leads to an extreme pollution of the water. The emergency overflow prevents the water from rising above a certain level and causing it to overheat.

Product Details:

  • High efficient cylinder shape
  • New developed emergency overflow with water level indicator
  • Very quiet due to new hollow chamber floor
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy removal of the pump
  • Variable adjustable pump

Technical Data:

  • Aquarium Size: 500 to 1000 Liter
  • Dimensions: 24 x 15,5 x 52 cm
  • Pump: Deltec DCC2
  • Power Consumption: 13 Watt, creating 650 liters of air (in standard mode)
  • For filter tanks with 15 to 25 cm water level


The Deltec Skimmer 1000i is operated with the Deltec pump DCC2.
This 24V DC pump is controlled by an eight-stage controller and can be adjusted perfectly to the best possible water level and water load.
On the best setting 5 (for most aquariums), with only 13 watt about 650 liters of air are generated.

Cleaning system:

For the Deltec Skimmer 1000i, there is an optional cleaning system, whereby the inner standpipe is cleaned by deposits by turning the connection cup. If these deposits are not removed at regular intervals, the skimming performance is drastically reduced over time as foam bubbles burst prematurely at this layer and thus can not contribute to water purification.

Cylindrical shape:

Thanks to the ergonomic cylinder shape, the Deltec Skimmer 1000i achieves the best skimming results.
The shape of the skimmer does not taper upwards. This allows the small air bubbles to rise unhindered, are fully saturated and burst only in the riser of the connection cup.
From there, the collected broth can be discharged via a drain hose without having to take the connection cup.

Emergency overflow:

The water level in the skimmer can be read off at the emergency overflow pipe.
Furthermore, the marks for the minimum and maximum level help with the perfect adjustment of the water level.
Due to the possibility of exchanging the emergency overflow pipe with the regulator pipe, you can decide for yourself how the pipes are arranged.

Disassembly, Dimensions & Construction:

Regularly required cleaning of the pump is very easy thanks to the easy and fast disassembly of the skimmer.
According to the manufacturer, the pump can be removed from the skimmer in a few seconds.
The Deltec Skimmer 1000i can be mounted and disassembled without tools.
The dimensions of the skimmer are selected so that you can place them comfortably in your filter basin.
Due to the high volume of the cylinder shape, a small base area is sufficient. You can operate the skimmer variably in 15 to 25 cm water depth.



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