Deltec MCE 601

Passer for akvarium mellom 500 til 600 liter

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Deltec MCE 601 24V DC Hang On Skimmer

The Deltec MCE 601 is a compact external skimmer with unrivaled high performance, achieved among other things by the modified needle wheel system.
It is ideal for marine aquariums of 500 to 600 liters with normal stocking.

The installation of the Hang On skimmer is as follows:

Place the MCE 601 with the support rail on the aquarium edge.
Secure the MCE 601 with the bracket. Push the drain chute into the drain pipe as far as it will go and remove the foam pot.
Then the MCE 601 is filled to the drain with aquarium water. Only now attach the intake pipe and close the air shut-off valve.
Then push the foam pot approx. 50 mm into the skimmer and switch on the pump, after a short time the pump and supply line are vented.
Open the air shut-off valve and set the controller to level 4, the MCE 601 is now ready for use.

Adjustment of the Deltec MCE 601 DC 24 V

The correct setting can only be made after running in (24 hours). Until then, do not push the foam pot more than approx. 50 mm into the MCE 601. Readjust the controller again, but do not set it to the highest level, otherwise the skimmer may stick. could boil over.

In order to achieve a correct foam image, the foam pot can be adjusted in height
- deeper = wet foam
- higher = dry foam.

The right setting depends on the water load. Depending on requirements, the foam pot can be rotated by 180 °, so that the transparent side is visible.

Use in standard filter chamber
Below the drain is the filter chamber for phosphate adsorbers or activated carbon or other filter materials. The filter materials should only be used in a filter bag. To prevent the drain from being blocked by the filter bag, the spacer must be inserted with the horizontal plate downwards over the filter bag. In addition, the lid must close the filter chamber.

Optional media box
For more effective use of the filter materials, a Media Box is available, which is flooded by the fluidized bed system. This ensures a 100% use of the filter materials. For very fine filter materials, washing with an upper and lower sponge can be avoided.

Notes on the operation of the Deltec MCE 601 DC skimmer

If the operation of the MCE 601 causes fine air bubbles to enter the aquarium, this can have various causes:
Fresh seawater. Through certain additions in many sea salts, the MCE 601 produces extremely fine air bubbles that can not be held back while producing very watery foam. We recommend to reduce the control setting and by frequent emptying of the foam pot, the
said ingredients in the aquarium to remove water.

Maintenance of the Deltec MC 601 DC 24 Volt Hang-On Skimmer

With correct installation and adjustment, Deltec skimmers require very little maintenance. Kalkwassemischer and calcium reactors, however, can lead to calcium deposits in the pump, which can lead to malfunction.
It is therefore recommended in case of malfunctions or every 3-6 months to check the rotor for ease of movement and the air intake nozzle for free passage. By immersing the parts in a commercial decalcifier, the limescale dissolves. Premature clogging of the air intake nozzle by air dust
and salt crystals can be avoided by stopping the pump for about 15-30 minutes once a week.

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