Rossmont Skimer SX1000

Passer for akvarium mellom 300 til 1000 liter

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Skimer SX1000

World´s first programmable skimmer
Q max pump: 2900 L/h
Max Power consumption: 29W
Reaction chamber capacity: 5,5L
Cup capacity: 1,5L
Rated voltage: 230VAC - 50Hz
Sump water level: 21cm
Overall dimensions (cm): L:20 W:30 H:53
Compatible with Rossmont Waver Controller


The new Rossmont Skimer is more than controllable: it´s programmable
Rossmont Skimer is the world´s first programmable protein skimmer for marine aquariums designed to fit most of the sumps in the market thanks to the double placement of the motor and its small footprint.
The pump with needlewheel impeller is calibrated to get an extreme performance though maintaining a very quiet operation. Placed externally, it has the advantage to give the maximum contact time to proteins and air bubbles along with the highest capacity of the reaction chamber while its connection to skimmer body is conceived to get it apart in a breeze by simply pulling it away.
User friendly, this Made in Italy product it´s easily adjusted by opening and closing a gate valve to set the skim level. It also comes with a drain valve with hose though if the maintenance operation can be weekly done by rotating the cup to lift and empty it.
The AC motor can be plugged into the Mains directly or powered through a Rossmont Waver Wifi controller which allows users to adjust the rotation speed of the rotor thus reducing the air/water flow. The free app Rossmont inTouch, available both on Apple / Google store, is designed for scheduling operations during 24h thus introducing the concept of "programmability" in addition to the known "controllability".
For the aquarium use this is really unique and exciting as the Skimer can now automatically follow the dosing pumps schedule combining wet and dry skimming, be calibrated for the min level operation and create controlled overflows to automatically clean the cup neck in addition to many other amazing results.


Rated Aquariums

Fish only: Up to 1000L
Low population: Up to 600L
High population: Up to 300L




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