Bubble King® Supermarin 300 + RDX DC 24V

For akvarium mellom 1500 til 4000 liter

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Royal Exclusive
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The Supermarin is part of Bubble King's flagship lineup, featuring robust acrylic construction, hand-welded seams, and the Red Dragon 3 Speedy pumps. 

The Supermarin features similar heavy acrylic construction to the DeLuxe, but in a slightly more compact design. The internal cone design compensates for less internal reaction space & dwell time, but does generally result in wetter skimming. The Supermarin is geared towards systems where bioload is high or aggressive skimming is desired. While all BK skimmers are conservatively rated, in the case of the Supermarin, it's especially unnecessary to select an oversized skimmer, and oversizing can often result in inconsistent skimming.

Produced by Royal Exclusiv, the German-made Bubble King skimmers have been the gold standard in premium skimmers for decades. From tiny details like titanium screws and ceramic bearings to premium acrylic bodies and Red Dragon pumps, no detail is overlooked in crafting the highest performing skimmer for the hobbyist who demands the best in every aspect of their system. When you buy a Bubble King, you are getting a skimmer that you can count on to deliver years of reliable service. 

ard facts Bubble King® Supermarin 300 RDX:
2.500 l/h Air - 6.500 l/h Water = 1 Pump RD X 6500 DC 24V
Base plate: 32 cm x 32 cm / height ~ 63 cm
Weight skimmer: 15 kg inclusiv pumps
Water level: ~ 180 mm up to ~ 230 mm

Technical data Bubble King® Supermarin 300 + RD3:
Skimmer-pump: Red Dragon® X pump 60 Watt / 2.500 l/h air intake
Delivery rate: max. 2.500 l/h air-intake // max. 6.500 l/h water-intake
Wattage - active power: Pmax = 60 Watt/h
Operating voltage: 230 Volt 50 Hz  (also in 110V/60Hz available) (24V Technology)
Protection class: IP 68

Dimension skimmer without pump:
380 mm wide / 340 mm length / ~ 630 mm height
Dimension skimmer with pump (90 ° to torque tube):
500 mm wide / 400 mm length / ~ 630 mm height
Dimension skimmer with pump (compared with torque tube):
590 mm wide / 330 mm length / ~ 630 mm height
Height silicon outlet (cleanout) ~ 440 mm

pdf_icon FOLLOWING ASAP Data_sheet_and_spare_parts.pdf   pdf_icon  Operating_and_maintenance_manual.pdf

Red Dragon® X pump 60Watt 2.500 l/h

Technical data Red Dragon® X pump 60 Watt / 2.500 l/h air intake:
Skimmer-pump: Red Dragon® X 6500
Delivery rate: 500-2.500 l/h  Air inlet ~ 600-6.500 l/h Water inlet
wattage power: Pmax = 60 Watt/h
Speed adjustable Brushless DC pump
Revolution per minute (rpm) - Display
Adjustable in 8-steps from ~ 8W up to 63W
Operating voltage: 100-240 Volt 50-60 Hz (24V Technology)
Protection class pump: IP 68  control unit: IP 66  
Weight pump without controller: 1,25 kg
Height of intake side: center 45 mm
Dimension pump: 90 mm wide / 150 mm length / ~ 130 mm height
Dimension control unit: 30 mm wide / 95 mm length / ~ 105 mm height

pdf_icon  RDX Skimmer Pump - Operating_and_maintenance_manual.pdf  

  • Saltwater resistant M4 grade 2 titanium screws
  • Saltwater resistant parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling
  • Extreme low noise brushless DC-delivery pump with external power electronics
  • High efficient technology, Sine Wave for very quiet running
  • Inlet and Outlet complete with DIN connection, compact dimensions
  • Easy usage and maintenance, low risk of calcification
  • compact design against vibrations and oscillation
  • CE conformity, developed and built
  • high quality touchscreen display with feeding function
    (protection against dry-running, over heating, over voltage, blocking etc.)
  • included in the scope of delivery:
    • Pump with 2m supply line
    • Controller with 1,5m supply line
    • Power plug with 1,5m supply line / rubber connector
    • Nozzle with Air- and Ozone connection
    • Manual German/English


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